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Mission and Vision

The Judson Early College Academy (JECA) was founded on the four pillars that are represented proudly as banners from the ceiling of our Commons.  The four pillars represent all that JECA faculty and staff strive to teach, and all that our JECA students strive to live in their daily lives.  For those who enter our doors, the four pillars are more than mere words; they are the heart of our school.





JECA produces scholars.  We strive to provide each student with a rigorous, quality education that will prepare them for a challenging global world, where learning leads to innovation and change.  JECA students learn the value of new knowledge and extend their knowledge beyond the traditional high school curriculum.

JECA molds leaders.  We strive to provide each student with opportunities to develop and refine the leadership skills that will prepare them for the demanding workforce, where leaders empower others and strengthen organizations.  JECA students learn the value of leadership and experience a multitude of opportunities to lead our many campus organizations, societies, and clubs.

JECA values service.  We strive to provide each student with experiences that extend into the community, where students foster an appreciation for service to others.  JECA students learn that there is no greater gift than the gift of time given to those in need.  Each student completes a minimum of 10 hours of service to the community each year.

JECA builds character.  We strive to provide each student with models of integrity, where students see and practice positive behaviors that focus on being individuals of honor and strength.  JECA students learn that making good decisions and using sound judgment do not happen by accident; they are the result of high expectations, introspection, and doing the right thing, even when no one is looking.

The mission and vision that I have for all of our JECA graduates are the manifestation of the four pillars in action.  As the Principal, I am committed to ensuring that the students at JECA understand and value the lessons contained within the four pillars, and they improve the future by passing along these values to others.